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University of East Anglia


Like many universities, UEA make a real difference to people’s lives locally and nationally and impact on the world around them in such important areas as climate, health, resources, equality and culture.

They challenged us to help them express this complex message and how they collaborate with their colleagues, students, alumni and partners from a range of fields to tackle some of the most pressing issues of our time.

We worked closely with the team to create the ‘Thinking Without Borders’ super-narrative that tells their story and shows how people from across their learning and research community are working collaboratively and across disciplines to change the world for the better. 

Episode one focuses on the theme of water and highlights five hero stories that range from undersea robots monitoring climate change to researching the impact carrying water has on the health of women and girls in developing countries.

Using a video and stories on their website, this approach brings to life some of the amazing things going on at the University in an accessible way to inspire people and raise the awareness of the breakthroughs being made and the important role the University plays in society. 



We are proud to have helped UEA create an engaging super narrative and water video for Thinking Without Borders (TWB). But the story doesn’t stop there. We continue to collaborate with UEA to grow the momentum and tell all kinds of stories from their learning and research community. Everything from Nobel Prize winning authors and human rights law to future foods and poo transplants!

Instead of focusing on traditional linear research areas, such as science and engineering, we show how their diverse learning and research community is taking on global challenges and making an impact on the world. The latest video episodes in the TWB series focus on ‘Words’, the ‘Gut’ and ‘Data’.



Thinking Without Borders (TWB) is much more than a logo or campaign. It’s embedded in the culture of UEA. It’s at the heart of the University’s storytelling. It’s part of their very fabric. 

To keep TWB front of mind and inspire more new thinking and collaborations, we’ve created artwork on a large scale for their new Science Building. Eight stunning designs in total that have NFC tags embedded in the full stops, so people can discover more about their science research and breakthroughs on their mobiles.

We’ve also produced pull-up banners using the TWB brand that are touring the globe to attract international students who share the University’s purpose of making the world a better place.



Some great ideas can make a big splash and then just fizzle out and be forgotten. Thinking Without Borders is much more than that. We keep the momentum going by creating a wide range of engaging social media content for the University’s main channels that tell lots of different stories.

Following an ongoing content strategy of reactive and planned posts created by our sister company FutureIndex, we produce a diverse range of assets, including imagery, GIFs, Instagram Stories and more.


Gold Award Winner, Best Marketing Initiative to promote research excellence
Judges’ Comments: Thoroughly researched and well-considered, the University of East Anglia’s ‘Thinking without Borders’ campaign is intellectually creative and brings to life complex research ideas in a truly innovative way.