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    University of East Anglia


    While COVID-19 has presented universities with all kinds of unwanted challenges, the work being done by the UK’s universities certainly needs celebrating. At the peak of the crisis, we helped UEA tell the story of how their learning community and local community were working together to fight COVID-19.

    Naturally video shoots were out of the question, so we combined stock library content with videos and images from the University’s asset library and social channels to tell the story in just 60-seconds. We celebrated how their community was responding to the crisis from students and staff joining the NHS on the frontline to scientists studying the effectiveness of PPE and technicians producing hand sanitiser in their labs with the support of local companies.

    It’s a powerful and stirring video that tapped into the mood of the time as communities were meeting the challenge together. It proved a real hit with over 40,000 views and lots of positive sentiment. Importantly, it showed that there is more to universities than learning, highlighting the positive impact UEA makes on the lives of people in the local community and beyond.