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    University of East Anglia

    Reassuring the new class of 2020

    Spring 2020 was a very unsettling time for the new class of 2020. No exams. No proms. No knowing whether online or small group classes await them in September. It’s no wonder record numbers of students were uncertain whether to accept or defer.

    The Government called for clarity. But how could anyone predict what the situation would be like in the autumn? What the new class of 2020 needed more than anything was reassurance. So, we worked closely with UEA to quickly turnaround a ‘This is 2020 Learning’ video that outlined their plans for welcoming students in the autumn.

    We covered the big questions students wanted to know about from campus safety and blended learning to health & wellbeing and extra-curricular activities. As time was of the essence and video and photoshoots were off the menu, we used existing imagery and video assets. With everything from the 2.5D moving image effects to the music and voiceover designed to be calm and reassuring.

    Sent out to interested students by email, the video led to over 140 students confirming their place at UEA after seeing it. The video has also been seen thousands of times across the University’s different social media channels (over 8,000 views on YouTube) attracting some great comments from potential students and their parents.

    We also created a 60-second edit and social media copy and images to grow the momentum and reassure students and parents over a longer period of time.