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University of East Anglia

University of East Anglia

I am a snowflake

2020 was a tough year for students. No exams. No proms. No graduations. But they just got on with it. They supported their local communities. They embraced online learning. They left uni to join the NHS on the frontline. And they stayed at home during lockdown to safeguard others.

Yet – young people still get branded ‘Snowflakes’. ‘OK Boomers’ who should know better, call them out as ‘entitled’, ‘oversensitive’ and ‘easily offended.’ So, when students around the world started to arrive at university campuses in September 2020, we championed young people and collaborated with the University of East Anglia to celebrate this event.

Embracing a poem written by one of their students, we flipped the ‘Snowflake’ message on its head. We created a video that celebrated the collaborative power of young people with amazing potential, who are set to change the world for the better and solve big problems like climate change and inequality that they have inherited from ‘OK Boomers’.

In a time of social distancing, we blended existing video footage with stock imagery and safely recorded bespoke footage to bring the video to life.