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University of Surrey

One To Watch

Students and graduates can be brilliant adverts for university courses! At Waterfall, we went one step further and developed a creative campaign that promoted courses through great student stories and also provided the students with an innovative way they could catch the eye of potential employers on LinkedIn and social media.

One2Watch showcases the stories of students who have lots of talent and the potential to really go places. Through a 60-second video and shorter social video edits, we started by telling the story of Conor Manning.

We worked with him to hone his story down to 60-seconds, covering why he chose to join the Music & Sound Recording course at Surry, his work placement with an Emmy-winning composer and his proudest achievement – co-writing a multi-platinum song! All of the video was shot in the University’s own greenscreen studio. And we commissioned Conor to create the music for the video too. After all, it was his video!

The filming of further student videos was temporarily cut short because of the COVID-19 crisis. But again, we thought creatively and came up with an alternative plan. We helped more students to tell their stories through Instagram Stories, 90-second videos and 15-second videos that used a mix of still images and short video clips of them talking during lockdown. We provided the students with guidance and support and edited everything together in the One2Watch style with Conor’s music to create a suite of very authentic, student focused stories.