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    An eye-opening postgraduate campaign

    The University of Manchester

    Hello Tomorrow

    How we collaborated with Future Index to help the Faculty of Science and Engineering at The University of Manchester to change the way people see postgraduate research (PGR). Our disruptive campaign provided clarity about admissions, as well as the day-to-day activities and global impact of postgraduate researchers.



    The world of PGR can be confusing. People aren’t sure who can apply, what they can research or how the funding works. These barriers to entry prevent high-calibre students and industry experts from learning more about PGR and how they could make world-changing breakthroughs at a university. We needed to simplify the offer, transform the market and change how people think about PGR. It was time to inspire our audience to develop their skills and shape the world of tomorrow.



    Waterfall enjoy an exclusive partnership with trends consultancy Future Index who specialise in providing workshops, strategy and inspiration to the world of Higher Education. Together we met with Faculty leaders to workshop the campaign proposition and share global PGR insight, inspiration and the latest trends. We also ran focus groups with research supervisors and postgraduate researchers to understand different perspectives. And then created brand pillars and drivers to help launch our strategy.

    The University of Manchester competes for world-leading talent with other top universities and organisations. So, the campaign needed to position them as a blue-chip institution where people could impact on the future. We created the ‘Hello Tomorrow’ concept to tackle misconceptions, reduce barriers to entry and excite our audience about the future possibilities. We developed a disruptive strategy that would shine a light on the real lives of current postgraduate researchers and tell their inside stories.



    ‘Hello Tomorrow’ has given the world of PGR marketing a much needed shake up.

    A new, user-friendly web portal has made the entire PGR journey far more accessible, exciting and informed. It provides applicants with clarity and access to all the information they need in one place.

    Our inspiring brand identity has brought the distinct proposition to life and encourages current industry experts and undergraduate students to imagine what their tomorrow could look like at The University of Manchester. The hero film shows a day-in-the-life of three current postgraduate researchers. While each PGR also has their own film that tells their individual stories and highlights their real researcher experience and the impact their research makes.

    Through digital marketing, posters and pillar wraps that made a big splash at open days on campus, these inspiring stories reached both international and local audiences. International applications soared by 65% in less than 12 months. Overall research applications doubled compared to the same time last year. And the hero film has also had over 10,000 views across social media.


    “We’re really happy with how things are going so far. Early indications are really positive, we’re 58% up on applications vs last year. Thanks again for all of your amazing work over the last six months (and the rest) – it’s been great working with you!”

    – Christian Ward, The University of Manchester, Marketing and Recruitment Coordinator (Postgraduate Research)