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    Demystifying degree apprenticeships


    Getting Ahead With Apprenticeships

    How we helped UCAS to create a video podcast series that covered degree apprenticeships from every angle. Together we produced nine episodes, including seven dedicated to specific career/course areas.



    Research showed that parents, teachers and 50% of UCAS’ pre-applicant audience wanted to know more about apprenticeships to support their decision making. So, to meet the growing demand for apprenticeship information, advice and content, UCAS partnered with Waterfall in the Autumn of 2022 for another video podcast series focusing on Higher and Degree Apprenticeships. We aimed to position UCAS as the go-to place for students to explore all of their options and learn more about apprenticeship pathways.



    We took on the complex challenge of researching, recruiting, managing and briefing 27 panellists within a 6-week window to provide different perspectives from universities, apprentices and experts. We created content guides to shape the discussions. We asked BBC Radio 1’s Katie Thistleton to host this series too, as she had done such a brilliant job on The Clearing Choices Show. Together with UCAS and the support of a talented producer, we directed and recorded each episode in UCAS’ in-house studio. We created nine episodes and shorter social edits that answered the big questions, covered different apprenticeship options, clearly communicated the application steps and provided inspiration, advice and practical tips.



    Launched as a box-set release at the start of National Apprenticeship Week in February 2023, the series received a hugely positive response from teachers and advisers in particular. Views and listens are constantly growing, with the content being showcased at the UCAS/Discovery Big Q&A events, UCAS Teachers and Advisers Conference, and communications to schools and colleges. As the demand for information about apprenticeships is set to grow, this type of content firmly positions UCAS as an independent, trusted source of information and inspiration about all of the different pathways for young people.