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    Creating a virtual open day festival

    University of Leicester

    Main Event

    As the UK went into lockdown, the University of Leicester asked us to help them create a virtual open day that would lead the way in the Higher Education sector. So, we helped them put on a digital experience that was more like a summer festival.



    We kick-started things with a workshop that helped to shape the strategy and event content. This needed to include student welcome videos, VIP tours, course videos, a help tent and Insta-Prospectus.



    We created the name, ‘Main Event’, and developed a modern and distinctive brand that reflected a summer festival to provide some much-needed positivity and excitement.


    At the heart of Main Event is a distinct graphic style and animated video with sonic branding that brings a consistent look to everything. This captures the vibrancy and energy of a summer festival while making sure all of the content looks part of the same event, not a mishmash of things from different sources. The animation was applied by us and the University’s design team to existing videos, new videos and course videos recorded by academics on Zoom.


    Student tour guide videos

    We’re particularly proud of the student tour guide videos at the start of the experience. You could choose which student you wanted to welcome you, and talk to you about what you can see and do at Main Event.


    We created these videos during lockdown with the support of our videographer who contacted each student, tested their tech and helped them create a homemade green screen, so we could add the web graphics behind them afterwards.


    Citizens of Change video

    As ‘Citizens of Change’ is at the heart of the University’s brand and proposition, we communicated this powerful message through a hero video that combined stock footage with existing content. After all, a video shoot was impossible. We took great care to find the right voiceover and music and edit the audio in our sound booth.


    Course cluster videos

    As some students already know the sort or area they want to study, but not a particular course, we also created 10 course cluster videos. These 60-second videos got across the exciting things you can study in that field, as well as reasons why students should study them at the University of Leicester.


    Instagram Stories

    Not only can students read the University’s prospectus at Main Event, we created 6 Instagram Stories that students could quickly go through on the University’s Instagram page. Originally supported by 10 more course cluster Instagram Stories, the Insta-Prospectus focused on the campus, courses, wellbeing, community, Citizens of Change and getting future-ready.



    To make sure students knew about Main Event, we created PPC and organic social content to promote Main Event. We also produced a toolkit, so other partners could help to promote the festival. While Main Event was a 24/7 experience, the University also ramped up their live events on the days their physical open days were supposed to go ahead.



    From concept to going live, everything was completed in just a few weeks. And our approach really struck a chord with potential students. On the big launch day Main Event had 10,400 unique views, of which 6,000 went directly to Main Event.


    Over 2,300 of these unique users actively engaged with Unibuddy chats and talked to current students on the day. Which just goes to show that you can really shake things up and be sector leading with some creative thinking and a real partnership approach.



    2020 Northern Marketing Awards – Best Education Campaign