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    Changing the way students see Clearing


    The Clearing Choices Show

    How we worked with UCAS to create a video podcast series that helps students get ready for results day and learn all about their different options and choices.



    In Spring 2022, UCAS asked us to help them create an engaging video podcast series to reassure, support and inform students about their choices at Clearing and results day after a difficult couple of years. We aimed to promote Clearing as a moment where students could explore different choices or change their mind. We also aimed to position UCAS at the heart of the student decision-making journey, so they saw them as a trusted, impartial source of guidance, support and information.



    As thousands of young people turn to podcasts for advice, support, tips and hacks, we created a video podcast series called The Clearing Choices Show. We chose Katie Thistleton to be the host because she’s trusted and known by our audience for her BBC Radio 1 shows, Life Hacks podcast and CBBC programmes. We asked mental health expert Natasha Devon to contribute wellbeing tips. We researched, recruited and managed expert panels of university admissions advisers, careers coaches and UCAS and apprenticeship experts. We structured discussion guides with UCAS for all three episodes. And we partnered with leading podcast experts to record everything in one day and create supporting trailers, teasers and social content.



    Within five days of the The Clearing Choices Show podcast trailer and three podcast episodes being uploaded to YouTube, they gained 6,600+ views between them with just a couple of organic posts to promote them. Total views and listens are now over 23,000! This content will be used again to support the 2023 UCAS Clearing campaign and help students to understand their different choices and how Clearing works.


    “Waterfall partnered with us on our Clearing approach, helping with key messaging and the launch of UCAS’s first podcast series to prepare students for results. Thanks to their input, the podcast was engaging, entertaining and downloaded by thousands of students within hours of launching. Waterfall are a brilliant, supportive and inspiring team to work with.”

    – Dave Penney, Director of Marketing, UCAS