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    Amplifying Talent

    Anglia Ruskin University – Amplify

    Working closely with Anglia Ruskin University’s (ARU) marketing team, we created the ‘Amplify’ proposition and brought it to life for their disruptive undergraduate and postgraduate student recruitment campaigns.



    At ARU, students grow in confidence, find their voice and amplify their skills, ambitions, talent and impact. Through telling the stories of real ARU students and graduates in an authentic way, we aimed to show future students how their learning experience at ARU could help them go on and make an impact in the world.



    ‘Amplify’ was a concept we created for a successful campaign for the University’s Faculty of Business and Law. The digital assets, Instagram Stories, online banners and audio postcards worked so well, they asked us to ‘Amplify’ their University-wide student recruitment campaign.


    After all, ‘Amplify’ perfectly captures the spirit of ARU, helping its students to grow over three years, providing the practical and innovative learning they need to discover their strengths and unlock their potential. On their learning journeys, students develop their skills and purpose, so their future actions can reverberate throughout the community and improve people’s lives.


    To make the campaign stand out, we created a bright and bold design. We worked closely with different students to bring their individual stories and ambitions to life in an authentic way, while promoting key messages about the ARU experience. We also developed a suite of campaign assets including 60-second videos, shorter video edits for social, online banners, social posts and even design templates for the prospectus.


    The inspiring student stories include a social care student who wants to fight for social justice and care for people as a specialist mental health social worker. A digital media student who is tackling knife crime. A drama student who wants to use their voice to create a better world for future generations. And a zoology student who wants to use their skills to put an end to animal extinction.



    Together we created an inspiring campaign that tells real student stories, communicates their ambitions and inspires other students to amplify their potential and make a positive impact on the world at ARU.