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    Creating a stand out prospectus

    Buxton & Leek College

    2023 prospectus with holographic cover

    How we created a sparkling print solution to help Buxton and Leek College (BLC) shine in a highly competitive market. We may have famously helped a university to become the first we know of in the UK to scrap their printed prospectus. But we’ve always loved print and this great example just goes to show it still has a place today.



    Every year, BLC print a few hundred prospectuses to hand out to potential students at open days, schools and local events. And we’ve helped them to produce different digital and print versions since 2019. This year, they celebrated 10 years of being part of the University of Derby, which is a very big differentiator for them. So, they asked us to create something extra special. They wanted a celebratory cover that would set them apart and go beyond the traditional image of smiling students to promote their quality education and ‘Careers not Courses’ approach which helps students get ready for their future careers.


    We looked beyond the usual Further Education marketing messaging and focused on the careers BLC’s courses could lead to. We then created an aspirational, futuristic and celebratory look by using colourful holographic paper that gave the prospectus a kaleidoscopic, high-end feel to make people want to pick it up. We gave the partner logo special prominence and showcased a newly designed 10th anniversary logo on the back. We also refreshed the imagery, strengthened the career messaging by revitalising the prospectus copy and improved readability by simplifying the page design and the way the information was laid out.



    “We love the prospectus. And we’re delighted with the great work of Waterfall and our marketing team in getting the prospectus produced and out ahead of other colleges in our area.” – Gareth Hughes, Head of Recruitment & Marketing