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    Undergraduate Conversion

    University of Surrey – Reassuring & Inspiring Offer Holders

    Students looking to join university in September 2021 had been through a tough few months. There had been a pandemic, lockdowns and exam chaos. So, we aimed to reassure, revitalize and inspire university offer holders to look forward to a more positive future at the University of Surrey.



    Create an engaging campaign to target students who had applied for an undergraduate course at the University of Surrey, inspiring them to make the University their first choice.



    We created a distinctive campaign-style within the University’s brand based around the proposition – Your future starts here. And targeted offer holders with two distinct messages at different stages of the conversion cycle.


    The first message focused on reassurance and connection. To promote a caring campus and rewarding student life, we commissioned a suite of stylish modern illustrations of students on campus. These used calming colours to create a reassuring feeling.


    Offer holders were sent a postcard that provided a warm welcome, reassured them about safety on campus and encouraged them to start thinking about the future more positively and look forward to making new memories. Through a QR code and web address, students were signposted to an offer holder welcome webpage where they could read more information and watch two 60-second videos from current students. Created remotely during lockdown, the videos showed students talking about student life, covid safety on campus, blended learning, student support, and clubs and societies.


    For the second phase, we got students excited about their future at the University of Surrey and beyond by highlighting key developments in the course cluster area related to them. We produced six different course cluster postcards that were sent to relevant students. Each postcard had its own QR code which led to videos of lecturers in that field talking about the course cluster areas, exciting new developments and the amazing things students could study at the University of Surrey. Again, these were recorded remotely during lockdown with stock imagery added to really get students thinking about their future in different course areas.


    You can see the student welcome web portal here: