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    University of Gloucestershire


    For this innovative open day campaign with a difference, we created a variety of short videos and 14,000 tailored radio commercials for Spotify with what we believe is the first dynamic audio advert by a UK university.  

    As people on social media have low attention spans, we produced 30, 15 and 6-second open day videos that quickly packed in all of the great benefits that going along to an open day offers. The videos are fast-paced with upbeat music and lyrics that emphasise how one day could change your life.

    We also created a short ‘10 reasons to come along’ video and ten location specific videos that targeted people on Facebook who lived in different areas and let them know how close the campuses were to their home. 

    The campaign included all kinds of creative. Programmatic banners. Retargeting messages. Mobile adverts. Snapchat videos. Bus side posters. A radio advert. Organic and PPC social media posts. We even developed longer versions of the hero video that were shown to potential students and their parents in lecture theatres on the open days themselves.

    To make an impact on Spotify we also created 14,000 different versions of the same radio commercial that personalised the message to the individual listener. This ground-breaking new way of creating audio messages meant that the version of the commercial changed based on where listeners were at that moment, what device they were listening on, what day it was, what time it was and what the weather was like. Dynamic audio can even reference individual names in some cases! Everything was recorded in our own sound studio at our offices at the Greenhouse at MediaCityUK.