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Four Big Trends for 2018!

At Waterfall, we keep our fingers on the pulse of the latest advertising and education marketing trends. Here are some big things to watch out for in 2018!


Students want to see lots of real, authentic content. So, co-creation is a massive trend right now with student ambassadors being given the advice, tools and guidance they need to create fantastic vlogs, blogs, videos and content. Take a peek at the international portal at Manchester Metropolitan University and their Facebook page to see what can be achieved with a collaborative approach.


We’ve always been a big fan of university taster days and bootcamps. They help students get a real taste of university. Some universities are now going even further and putting their campus to good use over the summer with big events that mix learning and entertainment. The engaging InspireU 5-day event at the University of Twente involves courses, challenges, tents, BBQs, pool parties and beach volleyball! A Glastonbury style learning experience on campus.


We’re surrounded by influencers these days. YouTubers with millions of fans. And those with smaller fan bases who share specialist interests. So, it makes sense for universities to have their own influencers. And to give them the support they need to influence and connect with their micro-communities on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Instagram and YouTube. Known as ‘dark social’, as it’s difficult to monitor and track what’s being shared and said, this approach is being spearheaded by brands like Adidas. ‘Tango Squad’ brings together football loving fans who help to develop products and inspire their micro-communities of social media followers by sharing posts about Adidas stars and sportswear.


There was a time when university videos just used to highlight hero courses and smiley students on campus. Now some videos use great copywriting and storytelling to capture the learning journey, stir the emotions and build connections with audiences. Just take a look at University of Phoenix, ETH Zurich and this old classic from Western Sydney University. Video should be at the heart of your marketing strategy. We expect to see a trend for more inspiring videos that really capture the imagination. And also, more short videos (6 seconds even) on social media that act as trailers in a time precious world.

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